Women Handbag Handmade

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Women Handbag Handmade 100% Original design made of cow leather

Material: The cow leather is affected by the living environment of a cow. It is normal that they leave traces (scar, callus) on the surface. If you mind or don’t know that about genuine leather, please Think twice before purchase.
Crafts: As all the handbag is handmade, it may leave some handmade traces. So the handbag couldn’t be perfect, but it won’t affect the quality.
Paint: The handbags is first made from the white cow leather, then painted by a Professional master. Then shape color, then it becomes vintage style Handbag. Because painted by hand so the color may not average, Metal stains and sewing place can’t be painted, but it won’t affect the quality and use of the handbag.
Because of the material, craft, and the color, make the handbag unique.